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IRS Audits

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax ReturnDo you need assistance with an upcoming tax audit? Well, just let us know when you’re ready. No one wants to go through an audit by the IRS alone, and with Taxation Solutions, Inc. in your corner, you won’t have to. As one of the St. Louis area’s most experienced audit defense teams, we can serve as your right-hand resource during each phase of your personal or business tax audit, helping you alleviate stress and stand confidently from the first step of the preparation to the final outcome. IRS audits don’t have to be the scary, overwhelming attack on your finances that everyone worries about. Call us for tax audit representation today! 

Did you know, that in most cases, you don’t even have to appear in person during your audit IRS proceedings if you don’t want to? It’s true! Taxation Solutions can send a skilled negotiator to act on your behalf in tax audit proceedings and save you the time and anguish of being there yourself. Of course, that’s only one of many invaluable services we can provide throughout the course of your audit by the IRS. We’re also fully qualified and prepared to help with:

  • Gathering and organizing key documents
  • Supporting your case in oral arguments
  • Structuring tax settlements
  • Petitioning for an offer in compromise
  • Avoiding further IRS audits

Like any kind of tax resolution issue, it’s best to be proactive about your IRS problem and begin planning for your tax audit as soon as you receive your initial notice. The more time Taxation Solutions has to go over your paperwork and prepare your audit defense, the better we can protect your interests and make a strong case for an IRS compromise. By implementing strategies gleaned from our decades of experience with IRS audits, we can take much of the pressure off of you, drawing you a clear, complete picture of what to expect next. That inside knowledge alone can make the entire process easier as you undergo each portion of your individual or business audit.

So take a deep breath. Then, contact Taxation Solutions from wherever you are in St. Louis or any of the surrounding cities. Even if your tax audit results in an outstanding balance, our audit defense specialists can take it from there to negotiate a tax settlement. We’re a tax resolution firm top rated by the BBB, and we have a whole team of licensed, insured professionals standing by to help with your IRS audits. Simply call or e-mail us today for a free estimate on our tax audit services. You can relax: We really do have you covered!

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