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Telecommuting: Can I Deduct Expenses for a Home Office?

Telecommuting brings up tax questions around the use of a home office space. Make sure you know the rules before you take this deduction on your taxes.

You Can Deduct Student Loan Interest on Your Taxes!

Maximize your tax deductions by deducting your student loan interest. Whether you took out loans for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent, you can deduct up to $2,500 in student loan interest each year.

Substance Abuse Treatment Expenses May Be Tax Deductible

Our team can provide taxpayers with financial guidance as they seek substance abuse treatment.

We Advise Divorcees on Dependency Exemptions and More

Tax lawyers can help divorcees make informed choices about dependency exemption and more.

Small Businesses Have Large Tax Needs!

Tax season can be overwhelming, especially for new small business owners. The team at Taxation Solutions, Inc. can help commercial customers avoid tax issues.

Individual Tax Planning: Factor in 2018 Tax Code Changes!

Recent changes to the tax code could have a big impact on your financial picture and tax filing choices this coming year.

Yes, You Need to Report Tip Income!

Reporting your tip income is important to build your credit and pay into vital government services that you may need down the line.

Medically Necessary Home Improvements May Qualify as Deductible Medical Expenses

Medically necessary home improvements could be tax deductible as a medical expense!

When Can You Claim Innocent Spouse Tax Relief?

Don't suffer repercussions due to a mistake or false report your spouse made on a joint tax return. Find out if you qualify for innocent spouse tax relief!

Tax Deductions for Volunteer Work

Read on to learn what you can and can't deduct!

Tax Deductions for Continuing Education

Continuing education costs can often be deductible when you itemize your tax return.

How an Offer in Compromise Can Help You Resolve Your Tax Problems

This type of tax settlement can offer you relief from even large tax debts.

Be Careful When Calculating Your Casualty Losses!

Losses fully covered by insurance may not be claimed as a casualty loss deduction.

Make Tax Time Easier Next Year!

Planning ahead by organizing your tax documentation can make next tax season less of a hassle.

Understanding Correspondence Audits

Are you facing a correspondence audit? A tax help pro can walk you through it!

Here's What You Need to Know About Tax Identification Numbers

Keep reading for a quick summary of the different types of taxpayer ID numbers.

Understanding Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment can have serious financial consequences for you, but a tax resolution pro can help.

Filing for an Extension on Your Taxes

Worried about filing your taxes late? You may qualify for an extension!

What You Need to Know About IRS Seizures

IRS seizures can result in the loss of your assets. Let us help you protect your property!

What You Need to Know About Tax Credits

Learn about tax credits to maximize your savings this year.

Recoup Casualty Losses on Your Personal or Business Tax Return

Wondering how to prepare your taxes in light of casualty losses? We'll help you get back on your feet!

Tax Deductions vs. Tax Credits: What's the Difference?

Both can reduce your tax liability—but in different ways.

Be Aware of Limitations on Business Vehicle Write-Offs

Are your business vehicles subject to luxury car limitations? You might be surprised!

Learn How to Keep Your Business Out of Payroll Tax Trouble

Don't let payroll taxes sink your business. We'll put you on the road to payroll tax relief!

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Employer Tax Perks?

Don't miss out on the significant tax benefits of programs offered by your employer. We can help!

How Does an Offer in Compromise Tax Settlement Work?

To settle your tax debt for less than you owe, you'll have to meet certain criteria.

Large Tax Debt? An Installment Agreement Might Help You Pay

Breaking your debt into smaller payments can ease your financial burden.

Going Back to School? You May Be Eligible for a Tax Credit

The government offers tax credits for continuing education.

Are You Prepared for Your Annual Tax Filing Appointment?

These steps can make your tax appointment go much more smoothly.

What Are the Different Types of Income (for Tax Purposes)?

Not all income is created equal in the eyes of the IRS. Do you know the difference between earned, unearned, and taxable income?

Addiction Treatment Can Be a Deductible Medical Expense

Know what drug/alcohol treatment expenses are potential tax deductions.

Filing Your Tax Returns Is a Requirement, Not Just an Option

Not filing your tax returns can eventually result in civil and even criminal charges!

What Is a Charitable Organization for Tax Deduction Purposes?

Know what organizations are qualified when it comes to deducting donations from your tax return.

How Does the Recent Health Care Legislation Affect Taxes for Self-Employed Individuals?

If you work for yourself, you can deduct your health insurance costs—and those of your spouse and dependents.

We Can Assist You Following the Death of a Taxpayer

In the unfortunate event of a loved one's passing, you might be stuck handling their final tax returns.

Take Advantage of the Tax Credits Available to You to Reduce Tax Liability

Our pros can help you secure the tax credits you're eligible for.

Don't Let Wage Garnishment Cause Financial Hardship for Your Family

We know how to stop wage garnishment and negotiate alternative tax settlements.

Tax Non-Filing Can Lead to Civil or Criminal Charges

Not filing your taxes is a serious problem!

Start Your Tax Year on the Right Foot by Keeping Track of Deductions

Keeping good records of possible deductions can make tax season a whole lot easier.

Do You Know How to Deduct Non-Cash Charitable Contributions?

Find out how much your non-cash donations are worth in order to deduct the value from your taxes. This post tells you about the documentation you'll need!

Avoiding Tax Penalties

Protect yourself from tax penalties by avoiding these problems.

Need a Tax Attorney in Arnold? We're Ready to Step In

Our tax lawyers can guide you through federal and state tax issues with ease.

It's Never Too Late to Take Care of Back Taxes in Chesterfield

If delinquent taxes are weighing you down, our tax attorneys can help.

When You're Struggling With Tax Problems in St. Charles, Call Us

Our tax attorneys have the skill, knowledge, and experience that you need on your side in dealings with the IRS.